– Investment Information –

Your Custom photography session is a period of time spent together that is will planned out in advance.  From the detailed contract questions where you can submit images of you nursery or inspiration images from my work that you'd like to replicate, to our time together where we decide on specific couture wardrobe you'd like used..... these images are YOURS to keep FOREVER.  

Newborn sessions take about 150 minutes and cost $250 session fee where all other sessions are about 45 minutes in duration and cost $175 session fee.  Session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and all images and products are purchased separetely thru your collection purchase.   Collections range from $595 to $1895.

I was blown away with how meticulous, professional, flexible, and diligent Saren was throughout this whole process…We gladly would drive the extra mileage any day so that we could work with her again.”

{ Michael D. } 



The Luxe Collection is for the client who wants it all - every image from their gallery, a gorgeous linen album and a large-scale artisan canvas.  All images given as immediate download as well as sent on a custom wooden luxe USB as a hard copy backup to save for years to come.  


The ALL DIGITALS Collection is for the client who wants ALL the images, but none of the products.  Receive all your gorgeous images for immediate download in full, high-resolution files as well as a custom wooden usb sent to you to keep as a hard copy backup for years to come.  


The Petite Luxe Collection is for those clients who are on a budget or can more easily narrow down their gallery of images to the top 8 but still want some product too:  a medium-size artisan canvas to showcase in their home or nursery as well some professional prints to frame or gift.  

MINI Collection

 Because sometimes affording a handful of gorgeous images is better than spending the same amount on a lot more images of lesser quality and style.... Choose 5 images given in high-resolution files, and your choice of artisan canvas or professional prints credit to spend as you wish.

– FAQ –

What is my first step?

Submit the contact form on our website or email us directly at sarencassottophotography@gmail.com so we can send you our comprehensive Welcome Guide for you to review.  We'll answer any remaining questions you have after you've carefully read the guide or you can simply ask for the Booking Contract at that point in time.  

Do you provide all the newborn clothes and props?

YES!  I have an utter OBSESSION with finding vintage and unique props that will safely fit itty bitty newborns and small babies/children.  I frequent all the local antiques shops as well as Brimfield 3 times a year!  When you arrive at the studio, you'll thumb thru HUNDREDS of couture, all custom-made teeny-tiny newborn outfits to choose from.  While I typically have a session planned prior to your arrival based on your contract specfics and requests, you can ALWAYS choose some wardrobe upon arrival.

So can I get a children’s or family session or do you only do newborns?

This is one I get a lot.... While I'm mostly known for my specialized work with maternity and sleepy newborns under the age of 15 days new, I do take on older babies, children and family sessions when time allows.  MOST of my sessions that aren't newborns, are from repeat clients.  On a limited basis, I will take on new clients for non-newborn sessions - just depends on the time of year and how busy my calendar is. In 2016, My entire outdoor calender was booked by the beginning of April by repeat clientelle who are sent a priority booking email in early spring.