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As summer starts to wind down and we are finishing up our summer bucket list, buying new sneaks, getting fresh hair-cuts, finding out who our new teachers are, and enjoying the last of our pj days before the crazy mornings begin again…..  Red & Gracey went out with mommy for their annual birthday photoshoot.  I had epic plans of making it to the ocean with them this year but ultimately, I was just too tired.  I did, however, order them some pretty darling duds from Ele Story (Gracey’s dress, hair clips and Red’s matching bow-tie can be found here.)  and Gracey’s white dress is from Trish Scully Child.

Red turned 7 about a month ago and Gracey turns 5 in 5 days (not that she is counting down or anything!).  Red recently lost 2 of his top teeth and one more front tooth is about to come out so I am particularly fond of these images as they capture his transition from baby to boy.  This past year he attended Ana Grace Academy of the Arts a 3rd year and made so much progress with his reading and really makes us proud each day.  He loves climbing still, a true monkey who should probably be on Ninja Warrior one day.  He loved playing soccer, rock-climbing,  gymnastics, swim instruction and his first year at piano lesson!  This past year he (finally) learned how to ride a 2-wheeler bike.  His most recent accomplishment was just a few days ago when he, for the first time, swam all the way out to the dock at the Cove beach.  I was so so proud as he climbed the latter to the top of the dock and said, “MOM!  I perservered!”  He was nervous about the distance but he did it.  🙂 He is emotional, smart, sweet to his little sis, a healthy eater and we just love him to pieces.

Gracey finished off her last year of preschool, at Avon’s Pine Grove Nursery School.  She’s not super into letters or numbers or any of that boring jazz.  hehe.  She had us a little worried by mid-year.  She’d much rather paint, do arts and crafts, puzzles, make-believe play with her babies and dolls, etc.  But alas, by the end of the year, she was on track and sure enough, she’s headed into Kindergarten at Cherry Brook in less than 3 weeks.  She STILL has not had a single hair cut to date but when she turns five this week, we have decided its time!  She is an absolute JOY to be around and her smile pretty much lights up our lives.  She’s easy-going and rolls with the flow of life.  She absolutely ADORES her big brother and follows him around like a mama’s baby duckling.  Which, of course, Red loves and takes advantage of as he loves being the boss 😉

Well anyway, I’ll stop gushing.  Here are a few of my favorites from our annual birthday shoot.  Love you, my Redding and Gracey-bell.  xoxoxoxoxoxo, mommy.
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