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maternity photographer: Funk

maternity photographer

Maternity Photographer captures the magic! This mother has loved her photo shoots with Saren Cassotto Photography before, so she knows that the photos will be unforgettable!  Knowing that Saren is also a maternity photographer, she decided on a Maternity Mini shoot.  Here’s what she said about why she decided on this Maternity Mini shoot: “This...

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    2022 NEWBORN SESSION GIVEAWAY : 7TH ANNUAL DESERVING-MAMA NEWBORN SESSION GIVEAWAY $2,150 VALUE. 2022 NEWBORN SESSION GIVEAWAY 2022 Newborn Session Giveaway Welcome to our SEVENTH ANNUAL Deserving-Mama GIVEAWAY!  This giveaway will be for a FULL newborn session $250 plus the ALL-DIGITALS collection including 35 high-resolution FULLY-EDITED digitals $1800:  a $2,150 value.  Winner pays ZERO and...

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    • Dana

      Hello 🙂 I nominate myself. I am 4 months pregnant, and am very much looking forward to making and having memories through the lens with you! My sister in law had her maternity shots taken by you, and I was blown away! XxReplyCancel

    • Kayte Gavin

      I am nominating my little sister, Kim Nikolic! She is one of the most caring, selfless moms I know and is welcoming her second bundle of joy in May. No one captures those first moments better than Saren so I would love for her to have those special keepsakes! ❤️ReplyCancel

    • Erin Strain

      I am nominating my sister in law, Courtney Hanks. She is a hardworking maternity nurse who gives her all to babies, mamas, and families each and every day (and probably will right up to her due date in April!). Knowing her leave time may be limited and getting back to work means longer shifts and time away from her soon to be little guy, this session and the photos from it would be create the sweetest memories to have and look back on!ReplyCancel

    • Geraldine Bencivengo

      I (Grandmother if baby to be) would like to nominate Rose Higgins and her soon to be son coming this April! She is the mother to 2 beautiful girls and they are over the moon to meet their baby brother to be. This baby came as a complete surprise and she would be thrilled and shocked to be able to celebrate her complete family together with a full newborn session and all the perks!ReplyCancel

    • Nicholas Hanks

      Nominee: Courtney Hanks, I believe Courtney is someone who deserves this photo shoot for a multitude of reasons beyond a nice opportunity. She is caring and responsible individual, who has taken charge in her life, and has created a welcoming environment for her expected first born child. She always works so hard for everything she does, and this would be a wonderful relief in regards to making everlasting memories. Keep up the great work, and keep making people proud. ReplyCancel

    • Sue Cirinna

      I (Rachel’s mom) would like to
      nominate Rachel Winoski for this shoot. Rachel is so blessed to have 2 children
      and one on the way arriving in June this year. My grandson, Benji, will be 4 in
      June and my granddaughter daughter Vivian who will turn 2 in April. When
      someone from the outside looks at Rachel’s life, it is very easy to say wow,
      she has two healthy children who are 22 months apart, pregnant for the 3rd
      time, and assume everything is normal. What people don’t know about her is that
      she sprinted a marathon to have her three children. Rachel grew up in a very
      large family. My husband and I each have 4 siblings. Rachel has one bother; 21
      cousins and her cousins have 19 children and the number is growing. Growing up,
      we were always surrounded by a huge family and we never once heard the word
      infertility. When you grow up, no one envisions that this could be part of your
      story. It became a very harsh reality of Rachel’s and one we knew nothing about.

      Rachel married her husband Mike
      in 2015 and they both always knew that they wanted a family. In the process of
      trying to have children, Rachel learned that she has a rare genetic disorder. Rachel
      has something called a tripled balanced translocation. Essentially, her DNA is
      rearranged, and the doctors believe that at some point in her life, this shift
      happened, she wasn’t born this way. They have seen examples where individuals
      have one or two chromosomes strands that have broken off and attached to other
      chromosomes, but they confirmed that none of their doctors, a majority of which
      had over 30 years’ experience, had ever seen a situation where three had done
      this. Rachel was the first in this Connecticut practice.

      Thankfully, it has no impact on her
      personal health which is essentially why we never knew she had it. However, the
      only side effect it does have is that it makes it extremely difficult to have
      children. The only way you learn you have it is through multiple miscarriages
      which was the case for Rachel.  It took
      multiple losses and essentially 2 years for Rachel to get pregnant with Benji.
      For those that have had similar experience, the doctors and nurses call it
      “graduation” when you transfer from your IVF clinic back to your regular
      doctors. Although, her doctor and nurse were her biggest cheerleaders, Rachel
      distinctly remembers when it came time to graduate, them saying to Rachel, we
      will be honest with you now. We aren’t really sure how you got here. Your son
      and any future children you may have are miracles. When your doctors and
      nurses, who believe in science and statistics tell you that, it is forever

      Rachel and her husband spent the past
      6 years at the IVF clinic in order to welcome Benji, Vivian, and baby girl
      Winoski this June. When we look back at her journey thus far, we really wonder
      how Rachel survived certain moments. We would love to honor Rachel and her family
      with these photos for her to have a forever memory in their home as their
      family will now be complete with their 3 miracles babies. ReplyCancel

    • Dr. Stefanie Gillson is a psychiatrist trained in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as public psychiatry. She is a fierce advocate for women’s mental health, co-founding the Women’s Mental Health Conference at Yale and the Yale Women’s Housestaff Association. Her efforts have significantly benefited many physician moms and affected change on a system-wide level. She has also been involved in developing community-based initiatives to address mental health disparities among Indigenous populations and actively recruits Indigenous youth into the medical field. Stefanie has done so much for so many. I would love to have the lens focused on her and have her experience the magic of Saren’s photography to capture such a special moment in her life (due in June). Thank you, Stefanie, for all that you do. And a huge thank you to the photography extraordinaire, Saren!!ReplyCancel

    • Allie Blair

      I would like to nominate my close friend, Emily Adams for this photo shoot! She has had a hard pregnancy, most of it during COVID surges, making it hard for her to enjoy such a beautiful period in her life!! I never had photos done like this with my first and I feel like I don’t even remember these days! I don’t want her to forget the beautiful newborn stage and she deserves to have those beautiful days commemorated!ReplyCancel

    • Alisha Kapur

      I nominate Nisha Kapur because she is going to be the best mom ever! ReplyCancel

    • Ana pratt

      I want to nominate Nisha Kapur! She is a mama to be and is so deserving of this. She is incredibly hardworking, generous, kind, and always puts others first. She is going to be the best mama to her little boy and I can’t wait to see her as a mom. Thank you for considering her ❤️ReplyCancel

    • Sherry Hanks

      I’d love to nominate my daughter Courtney Hanks for this amazing giveaway who is due in April with my first grand baby! She is very dedicated to becoming a mom and I know she is going to go above and beyond for her newborn on the way! ReplyCancel

    • Sherry Hanks
    • Alisha Kapur

      Nisha Kapur would be perfect for this!!ReplyCancel

    • Noah

      I would like to nominate my sister Courtney H. She’s a hardworking person who is going to be an outstanding mother. ReplyCancel

    • Nick Wrana

      Emily Adams. I want to nominate her because this year we will have our first child together. Emily has always wanted to be a mom and I admire her love and efforts towards loving everyone in her life. 2022 has brought a lot of struggles into her life and I think this would not only ease her mind but get her the newborn pictures she wants but we didn’t think we would be able to have. ReplyCancel

    • Steven F

      I nominate Courtney Hanks, because I think she is going to be a great mother. I know she will be 100% commited to giving her child the best life possible.ReplyCancel

    • Erin

      I am nominating the beautiful mama to be, Emily Adams. She is going to be such an amazing mom to her little one and deserves beautiful newborn pictures with her little one that I know she will cherish forever.ReplyCancel

    • Kaiti

      Nominating my good friend Jenna Soper. She is the most selfless & giving person I know. After struggling for over a year to conceive she was ready to talk about solutions with her doctor. Just shy of a week until that appointment she found out she was in fact pregnant! Her fiancé had just lost his mother & this news was what they needed to get them through the dark days. She’s due in September & we are over the moon excited for her!<3ReplyCancel

    • Emily Adams

      Emily AdamdReplyCancel

    • Stephanie Rhoades

      Nominating Emily Adams. She is a selfless mother to be and deserves everything good in this life! We all can’t wait to meet her baby boy and watch her become such a beautiful mama!ReplyCancel

    • Dani looman

      I’d love to nominate my friend Emily Adams! She is so deserving in every single way. She has always been someone I can go to and I know who would do anything for anyone. I’m so excited for her to be a new mom. She was born to be a mom and will be so incredible she would cry tears of joy if she won this ReplyCancel

    • Sonia Konechne

      NOMINEE Alejandra Canora. A beautiful mother to be. Deserve the section to capture that beautiful moment she never had with her Angel mother who watches over her.  ReplyCancel

    • Yara Morrison

      I would like to nominate my very good friend @alejandra.canora she is one of my closest friends thru this pregnancy journey. We are always sharing our thoughts and feelings together. She will love to have this wonderful session with her daughter to be! ????ReplyCancel

    • Kristi B

      I’d like to nominate my sister Kimberly Nikolic who is due with her second daughter in May. She’s a pharmacist and her husband works at St Francis hospital so they’ve had quite the past couple years. But mostly I’m nominating her so I can live vicariously now that my kids are way past the toddler phase!ReplyCancel

    • Alejandra Canora

      @yaramorrison… she is one of the sweetest person I ever met… we have become good friends throughout her pregnancy and I am pretty sure she would love to win this photo session. ReplyCancel

    Connecticut Newborn Photographer : P Family

    Connecticut Newborn Photographer

    Connecticut Newborn Photographer Connecticut Newborn Photographer So excited to share one of our  most favorite recent newborn sessions today!  Daddy is surrounded by beautiful ladies! Mom booked Angela, Saren’s in-house makeup artist referral, to meet us at the studio for a little glam while the sibling shots were accomplished during the first little while of...

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      CT newborn photographer : Jackson

      ct newborn photographer

      ct newborn photographer ct newborn photographer : Jackson. “There are zero words to describe Saren. Everything about this session with her was pure magic. Her images are always stunning and she makes you feel so incredibly comfortable. We will forever remember the entire process of this shoot.”  – Nicole W. The 2021 Deserving-Mama Newborn Session...

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        Family photographer near me : Hawlk Family Beach Session

        family photographer near me

        Family photographer near me : Hawlk Family beach session. Family Photographer near me: Hawlk Family beach sesson.  This Family is one I’ve known for YEARS now, always cheerleading my little business and planning their beautiful photoshoots year after year, down to every detail with hair, wardrobe, accessories etc.  We have had SO many gorgeous family...

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        Connecticut Newborn Photographer: P Family

        Connecticut Newborn Photographer This Connecticut newborn photographer, is so excited to share one or most recent newborn sessions.  Daddy is surrounded by beautiful ladies.  Mom booked Angela for her newborn session.  She was able to get a little “glam” makeup while the newborn was being photographed with her siblings.  Here is what Mom had to...

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          Canton Newborn Photographer – Gabriella Newborn Session

          Canton Newborn Photographer image of newborn baby girl wearing a white floral headband with white flowers behind her laying on a white blanket with her hands holding her head

          Canton Newborn Photographer – Gabriella This newborn session by Canton Newborn Photographer Saren Cassotto is a simple and beautiful white floral theme. I can not get over the simplicity yet beauty of this photo.  Plus, just look at those little cheeks!  Don’t you just want to squeeze them?  This is one of my favorite sets...

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            Baby Milestone Session on the CT Shore

            BABY MILESTONE SESSION ON THE CT SHORE:  LONG ISLAND SOUND PHOTOSHOOT. BABY MILESTONE SESSION ON THE CT SHORE:  LONG ISLAND SOUND PHOTOSHOOT:This sweet baby milestone session was taken on the Long Island Sound down on the CT shoreline.  Flowey dresses and simple wardrobe on boys is always a good idea for beach sessions!  And the...

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              Family Baby Photoshoot: Taj turns ONE!

              family baby photoshoot

              Family Baby Photoshoot: Taj turns ONE! Family Baby Photoshoot: My VERY first outdoor photoshoot of 2020 was with sweet Taj and his parents as he just turned ONE!  He is already walking and VERY much on the go! Did you know that when you book a baby milestone (6 months or 1-year are the most...

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                Family Newborn Photography: Fresh 48, lifestyle newborn session and now Miss Emily turns 6 months old!

                Family Newborn Photography

                Family Newborn Photography:  Miss Emily turns 6 months old! Family Newborn Photography:  Today we’re featuring one of my favorite fall sessions from last autumn:  Miss Emily’s 6-month milestone session.  I had the honor of photographing her at just a few HOURS old in the hospital and then a few WEEKS old when I went to...

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                  Hospital Photography for Newborns: Henry’s Fresh 48 + Studio Session Galleries

                  fresh 48 photography ct

                  Hospital Photography for Newborns Hospital Photography for Newborns can be a tricky one to schedule, especially these days during Covid-19!  I’m super sad about all the Fresh 48 sessions my clients have missed out on since all this started in March and the hospitals needed to restrict visitors.  So I thought I’d look back on...

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                    Newborn Photographer NY

                    Newborn Photography NY

                    Newborn Photographer NY : Brothers! Newborn Photographer NY : Brothers! I photographed big brother’s entire first year of milestones a couple years ago so I was naturally THRILLED and HONORED to see this family again for baby boy number 2! This session took place not too long before the Covid-19 Quarantine – boy I miss...

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                      Family Photography CT Topsmead Park {Litchfield County Sunset Family Session}

                      Topsmead Litchfield CT

                      Family Photography CT Topsmead Park {Litchfield County Sunset Family Session} Family Photography CT {Litchfield County Sunset Family Session} – This family’s yearly session has become one of the highlights of my outdoor shooting season! THRILLED for them that one of THEIR perfectly adorable images actually PLACED for sibling photo in the prestigious NAPCP Image Competition! ...

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                        Studio Child Photography {Adara turns 2 and Ehlana is 6 months}

                        Studio Child Photography – Adara’s 2 year portraits with little sister Ehlana’s 6-month milestone! Studio Child Photography during cold-weather months often takes place indoors in New England! And when your baby’s milestone falls around the same time period as your older child’s birthday, what a more PERFECT opportunity to schedule a photoshoot to combine BOTH...

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