Humble Beginnings.

So from humble beginnings, I write this –  my first official post on my first official website.  WOAH!  I am so glad you’re here reading this and checking out my page.  I started into photography just because, like all new moms, I was constantly trying to capture my little ones as they grew.  My husband bought an entry-level DSLR camera when our son Red was born and before he knew it, I had taken over the photography duties and so he encouraged me to pursue this little adventure.  Not only did he encourage me, he funded me so I could buy amazing new equipment and has made lots of time sacrifices too so that I could go out and get going!  So thank you, first and foremost, to my supportive and amazing hubs, Randy.  🙂

Its been 9 months since my very first session – 9 months!  From my first few friends letting me practice on their newborn babies (Katie, Alicia, Matt & Kim), to my most recent day full of Valentines mini sessions, I have spent COUNTLESS hours reading, researching, watching YouTube, learning on my camera & Photoshop, talking with other photographers (Traci), & just trying to get as much useful information I could about photographing newborns and babies (oh, and some people older than 12 months!).  I am still figuring out my style as a photographer but its starting to come to me now as I find myself drawn to simplicity and purity.

If you’re still reading….

THANK YOU for coming here.  THANK YOU for browsing the galleries here on this page and for all the Facebook love I’ve received these last 9 months (Dorine, Alana, Chris, Aunt Robin).

To all the 2013 clients who “took a chance” on allowing me to capture your family’s special moments, a HUGE THANK YOU!  To everyone who writes me uplifting and encouraging comments & posts both here on this blog and on FB all these months, THANK YOU.

FOR THE BRUTAL HONEST & RAW TRUTH:  As a stay-at-home mom, I have LOVED nothing more than to be here for my munchkins but as we all know, it can be a thankless job at times and to be ruthfully honest, one of the best things about being a photographer is being able to hear “THANK YOU, SAREN” and feel appreciated for what I can offer!  So keep up the comments and encouragement, you have no idea how much they keep me going.

I’m so excited for what 2014 has in store for this business venture, my home studio in progress of its makeover & the skilllllz I am obtaining to make some amazing memories for you all!



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