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Newborn photography is where it all started for me!  Shortly after my youngest was born, I picked up the fancy camera we had sitting around since my first was born (and I had NO clue how to use the thing!) and started to learn to take pictures of my new daughter around the time she was 6 months old.  I wished I had known newborn photography 6 months earlier when my daughter was born!  So I started taking pictures of my friends new babies and learning, learning, learning.  The rest is pretty much history!

Newborn photography is what I’m most well-known for and what I am most booked for!  This gallery above illustrates STUDIO newborn sessions, which comprises most of my bookings.  We do also offer in-home lifestyle newborn baby sessions too but you’ll want to visit that gallery separately.  A lot of people worry about their baby’s behavior during this special SLEEPY photoshoot.  When you book a newborn photo session with SCP, we send you a VERY detailed day-of-session PREP GUIDE.  This is for our clients only as the techniques and requests in the prep guide have been carefully honed over the years to help us obtain the sleepiest and happiest babies upon arrival to the studio.  ALL new parents worry their baby won’t sleep during their photoshoot and that they’ll cry a lot.  And ALL parents are pleasantly surprised when their babies are sleepy, happy and posed both asleep and awake during their studio newborn photography session.  The studio is typically heated to between 76 – 81 degrees, with essential oils calming the airspace and a baby shusher playing soft and consistent noise throughout the entire session.  So no worries!  Your baby WILL sleep during this special session!

Another question I get asked ALL the time is about sibling and family images.  Sibling images are THE most important portraits to most parents and they are JUST as important to me.  I have a 99.9% batting average when it comes to obtaining those sibling shots!  Its been 4 years since I had a toddler who didn’t want her picture taken with her newborn sibling and was completely beyond all the tricks and games I have up my sleeve!  I’d like to think that in the last 4 years, I haven’t missed another sibling image since because I have a LOT of tricks up my sleeve now!  And I don’t know about your kids, but I notice with my own children and the ones I have in my studio each day, that kids seem to always perform BETTER with other adults than their own parents 🙂  (i.e. teachers, grandparents, church leaders, other parents, etc)  I will pretty much stop at NOTHING to get at least 1 or 2 AMAZING sibling images for each and every family.  FOR THIS REASON, sibling images are included in ALL NEWBORN SESSIONS!  I even included them in MINI newborn sessions!

Family and parent images are always part of a full newborn session.  Grandparents can also come for a few shots.  3-generation images are absolutely some of my FAVORITE images to capture. For more information, and to receive the Welcome Guide, simply submit the CONTACT form on this site or email us directly at



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