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Fresh 48 sessions are photoshoots done in the hospital shortly after your newborn baby has arrived, but before you head home.  They are an absolute PASSION for me!  CT hospitals are all included in the price of a Fresh 48 newborn sessions and any hospital outside of CT (within NYC/Westchester regions) can be booked with an additional travel fee.

While most major hospitals are contracted with a big box company who hire out for room-to-room photography sales, hiring a private photographer for your Fresh 48 portrait photography is a completely different experience and outcome with images.  Whenever hiring anybody to handle your precious new cargo, you want to make sure they are a LICENSED business and FULLY INSURED.  SCP is both 🙂  I’ve safely handled, posed and photographed hundreds, probably THOUSANDS of newborn babies from just hours old to a few weeks old over the years.  Most parents leave having picked up a few tricks on swaddling and calming their babies and many comment on how comfortable they felt while their newborn was in my care as they watched close by.

Fresh 48 photoshoots typically last about 60-70 minutes.  They can be all about baby if you’re not feeling up to being in images quite yet, or they can include mom and dad, grandparents and most importantly:  the older sibling(s) meeting baby!  These are some of the sweetest, most tender moments in a family’s journey together and time after time, these are the images my clients tell us they cherish THE MOST!

The most common hospitals I photograph newborns in CT are:  Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain, Yale New Haven Hospital, Hartford Hospital, St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT and Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT.  I do travel to other hospitals, but due to the location of my Canton studio and the fact that most all my Fresh 48 clients are also booking a studio or in-home newborn session the following week, my hospital rotation tends to stick around central Connecticut.

Fresh 48 photoshoots are booked on a relatively limited basis due to the on-call nature of the booking.  I typically only will book 2 per month for a total of 24 throughout the year!  I haven’t missed a single one yet, but I am super careful to book around times I’m not traveling with my family so that I can be sure I’ll be around when the baby decides to arrive!  Moms will shoot me a quick email or text when they are in full labor and that way, I’ll know I will be scheduling that hospital visit within the next day or two.  With c-section deliveries, depending on how mom is feeling, we can do it up to day 4 before you leave the hospital.

Please email us at or simply submit the contact form on the website to receive all the booking information and Welcome Guide detailing out the investment and sample galleries from recent Fresh 48 sessions.

View our photo gallery above for example images from some recent Fresh 48 sessions.



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