We MOVED to Canton! Sneak peek… { Newborn photographer CT }

Mid-way thru my 2-year lease at the commercial space in Avon, CT…. we moved.  Very unexpectedly, we moved.  My husband said it was time to move and I wasn’t really ready.  I trusted in him and sure enough…. HE WAS RIGHT!  I feel the its important to type that last line in caps and say it aloud because lets face it, us women don’t always admit enough when our husbands are RIGHT!  So, we moved back to Canton – the town we lived in for 7 years prior to our short stint in Simsbury.  We brought both our children home from the hospital to our first Canton home, have MANY friends here in Canton, and we are just THRILLED to be back in Canton -especially now that our kiddos are both in school full-time.  When we first looked at this home, I wanted it really bad – my husband wasn’t’ quite sold.  It was HUGE.  PALATIAL almost!  and OIL.  Oh, the dreaded OIL bill.  We’ve been spoiled by gas the last two homes we’ve been in.  But Randy said, after looking at it a 2nd time, that if I would commit to moving my studio back home, it would be worth the oil bill.  SO…. a year later, here we are!  I am THRILLED to be working from home again.  A few renovations to this space later – I am SO EXCITED to have babies galore in this glorious little space!!!!!  I feel a WEENTZY bit bad taking away that adorable castle room from my kids when their friends come to play, but lets face it:  they never used it unless we had a playdate or party.  SO – without further adieu, I present you the new SCP studio space.  Can’t wait to see you all in here SOON!!!!!!!  Finished today and sessions start up again TOMORROW!!!!!!!  phew!  I’m exhausted.  😉  xoxoxo, Saren.

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  • Margaret McGory MoffitOctober 18, 2020 - 9:13 am

    Saren ~ must confess, We stayed in 2 store fronts for 9 years.  My husband was ready for the home studio after 4 years (HE WAS RIGHT).  Bravo for making this move! 
    In retrospect, my hubby Terry, concludes this decade as priceless. I got to work with both our adult daughters daily, experience two pregnancies with them, then spent 2 years loving and raising (as g’daughters came to work & on remote shoots) every day. Was able to know our son-in-law in a way that was neutral (not their home or ours).
    Like Terry said, when I admitted we should’ve made the move years earlier; “this experience was worth every penny”. 
    With love and admiration ~ MargoReplyCancel

  • Ani TFebruary 8, 2018 - 9:28 pm

    Oh Saren how beautiful! A year later (Can you believe it?) I still go over Gabriella’s newborn session again and again. I guess we are due for family pictures now! Congrats ReplyCancel





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