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Every summer around this time, I take my two little ones out for their birthday shoot since they both have summer birthdays and I like to capture their milestone images…..

Let me TELL YOU – THESE CLIENTS ARE DEMANDING!!!!!!!  They literally had me up to SIX toppings for their frozen yogurt trip after the shoot by the end of our time taking pictures!  Tear, trips, drama drama drama llama.  I can’t wait to get some family images taken soon but I’m glad we powered thru for little while to get these pretty images of my little loves.

Gracey is only a threenager for one more week – next week she turns FOUR!  Her constant mis-use of pronouns and funny little quirks keeps us ALL laughing non-stop.  She also has the most HYSTERICAL facial expressions ALL THE TIME.  She acts more like a boy than a girl most the time, probably because her best friend is a boy 🙂  We are so unbelievably lucky to have Gracey in our family – the immense joy she brings all of us is unparalleled.

Red just turned SIX!  People describe Red as a truly genuine and sweet soul.  This past year has been so unbelievable watching him grow into an even more happy and confident little boy.  He is hard on himself at times, true to his fist-born position in the family.  However, his compassion, kindness and patience with his little sister is remarkable.  Every coach, teacher, caregiver, family member or adult he sees tells me what a huge SMILE he has and how it just makes them melt into a smile themselves.  We have been smitten with this little guy since we first laid eyes on him.  Its been the most amazing of blessings watching him grow into the smart, little boy he is now.  Seeing him learn to read, take care and play with his best friend Gracey, and help out around the house – its all just so fun and we are SO LUCKY to have Red in our family.

Love you, my little Red-heads.


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